Friday, 21 August 2015

Have you ever though about NOT making a card with your dies, and making something else?
Since we've been discussing things about how your works of creative flair might turn out, I started thinking how best to show images, does it need a description, a shopping list of items etc etc etc, and then I saw this, which only caused me to think even more about it.
So, first up, and I appreciate this may not be to everyone's taste, however, I like the finished article, and especially the idea behind it.

Here's the list of dies used to make this (I should add, I saw this on Spellbinders site, I'm sure there's loads more, I saw it and decided to run with it smile emoticon Let me know what you think?
Spellbinders SBSCD-024

Spellbinders SBSCD-015 
Spellbinders SBSCD-003
Spellbinders SBSCD-018

You can find out the steps used to make it on Spellbinders site

Have you ever wondered why...

Things seem to appear on C&C TV and we don't have them?
There is a simple reason, exclusivity!
What sometimes happens with a new release of dies from some manufacturers, (Spellbinders & Tonic are two which spring to mind firstly)
C&C tv manufacturers and suppliers strike a deal where they have exclusive rights to be the only outlet to sell an item for a period of time, usually 30, 60 or 90 days, once that period ends those items then become available to ourselves and other retailers too.
Quite often we are unable to find any information from Manufacturers, suppliers or anyone else, other than C&C tv about the dies.
So, if you see it on there, and it's not on our site, there is a really good chance it's an exclusive item for a while, but once that's over, we will be on to it as soon as we can, and buy as many as we can, and sit back feeling smug because I can guarantee that we will be cheaper, and of course we have free delivery on everything too.