Friday, 21 August 2015

Have you ever though about NOT making a card with your dies, and making something else?
Since we've been discussing things about how your works of creative flair might turn out, I started thinking how best to show images, does it need a description, a shopping list of items etc etc etc, and then I saw this, which only caused me to think even more about it.
So, first up, and I appreciate this may not be to everyone's taste, however, I like the finished article, and especially the idea behind it.

Here's the list of dies used to make this (I should add, I saw this on Spellbinders site, I'm sure there's loads more, I saw it and decided to run with it smile emoticon Let me know what you think?
Spellbinders SBSCD-024

Spellbinders SBSCD-015 
Spellbinders SBSCD-003
Spellbinders SBSCD-018

You can find out the steps used to make it on Spellbinders site

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