Wednesday, 16 September 2015

We are are actually inundated with new things, lots of Creative Expressions glimmer and chalks, Tonic glitter, pearl drops, paper, hardware, it's taken 4 days to count, add and book everything into our systems, and we've not finished yet, there's more to come.

We are still trying to work out a way to get them on to the web site, in the meantime, you'll have to come visit us I'm afraid wink emoticon
We will however have the kettle set to permanently on!
Quick note about the web site too, you'll have noticed that there haven't been any changes, this is entirely down to all our time and efforts going into the refurbishment, it's taken a lot longer than any of us imagined, but, we're nearly there, we got most of the embellishment stock here, we're waiting for paper and card suppliers to drop their things off, a quick polish here and there and it's all done.
Then, the next project is... the new site!