Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Exciting times in the next few weeks/ months

I've just been standing in our other shop looking at the building bomb site it is at the moment, watching the electricians putting new lights in, running cables and muttering about having to get down to go get something, the plasterers merrily whistling while he's plastering the new kitchen.
The shop is an absolute hive of activity.
Then there’s me working out where I'll need to run cables for the new tills, the internet, phones, card payment machine etc, and then for the girls who'll be in there and what and how they'd like things setting up.
And then it struck me, when the refurbishment is complete, this shop will be phenomenal, and the amount of space for new shiny things, the big crafting table, the space for people to come and look, explore, experiment and enthuse will be quite simply amazing.
And when we're able to get the workshops and demonstrations set up, how exciting that will be to see the shop full of crafters, with the buzz and interest of something happening, and that it won’t be just another craft shop, it’ll be our bright shiny freshly refurbished craft shop, where people will be welcome to drop in for a chat, become friendly with the kettle and tea pot, have a look at what we've got (lots more by the way, we’re going shopping and we have a massive shopping list)
Right, enough enthusing about the refurbishment, I’ll go pop the kettle on.
Have a great day everyone.
P.S. I would show some pics of the building work, but I'm not, I don't want to ruin the surprise ;) 

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