Friday, 15 May 2015

New and exciting times for IconUK

Well, it's been a bit quiet on here this week hasn't it? Apologies for that, there is a reason.

We've been busy with web developers and starting to make progress with our new site, it's an exciting time for us here.

We have a wish list for things on the new site, many of which I imagine you’d like to see too, simple things such as being e-mailed when something comes back into stock, being able to put something on back order (i.e. if we're out of stock, you can still order it, and when we receive a delivery, yours is then automatically ring-fenced so we don't re-sell it), electronic gift vouchers.

It will look, clean, modern, be quicker and less issues when using the site on a tablet/ iPad or smart phone.

Now, because we like to think we're a community based team, we would like your input in the new site, and this is where you all get to have a say in the process.

* What would you like to see on the new site?

* What features do you like about the current site which we should take over to the new one?

* What don't you like about our current site?

Please let us know below what you'd like to see, what would make your customer journey better?
Please feel free to ask about what in the site already (there's a lot already) but, we want to make it better, and who better to ask than you, our customers, our critics and site users.

Let me know, I want to be busy answering all your questions today and over the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone, and hope the sun keeps shining for us all :)

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