Thursday, 19 February 2015

I'm back! Well, sort of

Years ago, I used to be IconUK Idiot Web Master, a title bestowed on me by a customer who couldn't quite manage to work out how to do something, and them blamed me for their own failings.
Thus, they left a review saying ... I blame the idiot Web master, it's all his fault.

Thus a blog was born.

I've found the blog again, but can't get back to it for some reason, well it has been about 7 years since I wrote that particular blog.

But I'm back with IconUK and better than ever before, there's been some huge changes, a change in products is a complete opposite of what we used to do, from PC building, mending and peripherals, we're now a leading light in the craft die market.

Back to there here and now though.

A new site beckons, a new set of products in the shop, a new challenge and best of all, new people to connect to and with.

We source paper cutting dies from around the world, and associated products likewise.
When a delivery arrives, it's with a great amount of interest, where was this packed, who packed it etc etc etc.

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