Monday, 6 April 2015

Bank holidays...

Here in the UK we have 6 Bank Holidays a year, a day where most of the country enjoys a day off work. Though not every one is lucky enough.
There are lots of people who have to work, Nurses and hospital staff, Police, Firemen, and other public service staff.
What about some of the others, people who work in call centres? retail staff? public transport workers, there's a whole host of people we need to applaud for their hard work 7 days a week, without whom we'd not be able to get things done on our days off (this year I'm lucky enough not to be working on Bank Holidays, but I've been there on Bank Holidays working, so i do genuinely appreciate every single person who has to work them.

So to anyone who's had to work over Easter and the Bank Holiday, thank you, we'd be lost without you. This also include our Boss shaped Man too, who works tirelessly over the weekend, as he does everyday and every weekend, keeping up with trends, requests and countless other things you do without anyone noticing, well we do notice , so Serf thank you too, we really do all appreciate your dedication and hard work, were it not for you, where would be? And from me personally, we need an office meeting, up by the whale bones on a day like today.

I've taken about an hour to write this, sat at home, kids running in and out, enjoying their day, me catching up with e-mails and web contacts, my Wife at work, and my mind naturally wondered onto thinking out our dies that say "Thank you", and thinking I should make my better half a little thank you card. I appreciate this may seem like a long winded highly tenuous ramble to point out our range of dies which say thank you, I assure you it isn't.

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