Thursday, 16 April 2015

Crafters your shop need you!


A small favour chums, we had a visitor in our office today, and they were thrilled to see an example of you lot can make with your crafty hands.
This got me thinking, why not make a gallery of cards that our Customers have made?
If possible could you take a picture of any card you've made, and either post it on here, or e-mail it to me at contact[at] and I'll make a gallery of all your handiwork with your name attached of course for all to see.
I even made a poster in Photoshop just for the occasion too.
If you've not sure how best to do it, leave me a message on here, or drop me an e-mail and I'll go through it with you.
Now what would be even better would be a card with some kind of Victorian style and appeal to it, fits in with Lord Kitchener (chap above in the poster), though not essential :)

Many thanks, and I look forward to your impressive creations.

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