Monday, 2 March 2015

Oh Monday morning, you're back I see

Monday morning brings snow and a heap of contact e-mails, and not a single one of them a complaint. This is why I/ we love our customers, if there's any problem let us know, and we'll do our best to sort it out, and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness of our customers in what they say, I/ we are are in a very envious position, we have YOU LOT!!! as our customers, so thank you :o)
Oh and seeing how quickly this page is growing too, astonishing, the power to social media, and I absolutely love the fact that you lot are now string to add info about local groups and chatting with each other, carry on, lets grow this page, and remember it's not just IconUK it's IconUK Customers, and what now feels like friends :o)
Again, thank you for all your contributions, kind words and compliments (we love compliments by the way, you can definitely keep those coming)
Just a little post today, trying to get caught up with all the contacts.
Have a great day!

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