Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Today at IconUK HQ

I was thinking about our team, many of you have called, e-mailed or left a message on here, and no doubt you've dealt with a different member of our team.

Let me introduce our team.

*Serf: The boss shaped man and senior tea lad.

Tracy: Shop manager, card maker, deeply knowledgeable about all our dies and mender of broken orders

Carol: 2nd in Command, deals with customers in the shop and on the phone, another card maker and equally as knowledgeable, Carol is small feisty and funny.

Shaun: Is the man in the know for our dispatch dept., no I do him a disservice HE IS THE DISPATCH DEPT. We'd be lost without him. He has an uncanny knack of being able to look at a package and know to the penny how much it'll cost, and how best to send it.

Mark (Me) I sit in the office drinking coffee listening to the radiom feet on the desk  trying to work the back end stuff and help out anyone who has technical issue on the site, reply to e-mails, and look after the social media things.

And that Ladies and Gents is our small team who run all of IconUK.

* If you'r wondering why Serf, well it's a throw back to older days when we had a blog called "Idiot Web Master" a Customer left a review which called me, an idiot web master, the name stuck, and japes and adventures we had.

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